Mediterranean Spread

So this happened. Pita Bread (yield 8) 2T active dry yeast 1/2t sugar 1C lukewarm water let proof, then mix with 310g flour 1t salt 2T olive oil (optional) knead until smooth; let rise to double, divide into eight pieces, roll flat into a circle and bake on a heated...
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Vegetable Sandwich & Blubharb Tarts

I’m falling way behind, folks, but I’m in for the month!  I’m not going to blog the repeats that we eat because we tend to eat the same things over and over; however, this sandwich – while it is a relative staple on our lunch menu – was...
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“Egg” Seasoning the Veganing

Just about the only thing I think we really miss having is egg. As luck would have it, there is this amazing spice called Kala Namak and it tastes just like hardboiled egg yolk. Kala Namak is also called Black Salt, Indian Black Salt, or Himalayan Black Salt. You...
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Coffee Date with Lovey

Yeah, he’s cute and all, but there are pastries to be had. And mama ain’t foolin’. Beautiful, delicious, amazing vegan pastries. But, I’m cheap, and Wildflour is not, so I always buy their “day old” cookies, 3 for $5, which is still... read more

Magic Soup a.k.a. Phở Chay

Justin, reporting in. Yesterday’s breakfast: Oatmeal with banana. Yesterday’s lunch: Leftover chickpea “egg” salad wrap with chips. By mid-afternoon Keri wasn’t feeling well and skipped dinner. I had a repeat of the Garden Wrap for my... read more

Lazy Sundays

So last night we made our breakfast beans, and we pretty much just snacked on them all day until we both were so full of beans that we had to actually remove them from our sight (put them away) so we wouldn’t continue.  It was a very chill day; we were entirely... read more

French Leek Friday

We started out the day with our faithful oatmeal (ermagherd, I love Justin’s oatmeal) and black coffee.  I headed out to teach the PE class I’m covering until June (hooping and yoga, whaaaaat?), came home to take care of some work, then we set out for... read more

Cinco de Veganayo

We repeated breakfast this morning with our favorite tofu, bean & potato burrito, with a side of beans and black coffee. See how I told you we repeat? For lunch we both had our classic lunch salad and leftover spaghetti from last night.  But tonight: tonight,... read more