So last night I started a 2 new batches of kombucha: one from the baby SCOBY, and one from a forming SCOBY from a GT Kombucha purchase.  This left me with the momma SCOBY, and I left her in the jar with her liquid, hoping she’ll make more babies with herself.

I got to thinking: these guys like it warm and dark, and our apartment is exactly cool & light. I have all this leather around, so I made them little kombucha cozies to keep them warm(er) and dark(er), while still allowing me the opportunity to check on them.


I will probably adjust these just a little bit, now that they’re on. I will either a) put some pull-straps on opposite sides, or b) install a zipper for easier viewing.  I don’t have any of the correct zipper lengths, so it will probably be the pull tabs for the meanwhile.