We started the sauerkraut today. One cabbage looks like it’s going to make a bit less than one half gallon. These are exciting times, my friends!  The contraptions on top of the jars are called Kraut Kaps, and we got them from Amazon. I forgot to save a cabbage leaf for the weight, but I had seen someone else use carrot strips instead, so that’s what I did here. Also, I heard that you don’t even need a weight when using the Kraut Kaps, but we went ahead and used one because the recipe called for it. Ours are just these glass bottle stoppers that we cleaned really well before using.

Fall weather is sneaking up on us >> out of NOWHERE << and it’s upsetting because I never feel like there is enough summertime. Still, I like the autumn because tea, soups, scarves and being able to dress myself without sweating all over everybody. Last night we celebrated the first of our autumnal soups, spicy basil & tomato.  We fantasized about having the soup with a quesadilla, but somehow the tortillas got wet in the fridge.We were both pretty bummed out about the tortillas; we had really been looking forward to some sandwich-like goodness. I even considered eating them anyway,but Justin talked me into letting it go. We ended up siding the soup with that amazing egg & avocado salad on crispbread (for me) and rice cakes (for Justin). A good save, yes.

Okay, so Grocery Project is still underway and going well. We had to make a shopping adventure yesterday, so here is the rundown for all of that and a total at the end. We ate out twice last week, netting $25.35, Divided by two, about $13 each.

Dried cranberries (2lb)  $8.99
Mixed nuts (no peanut) (2lb)  $14.99
King Arthur !00% Whole Wheat Flour (5lb)  $3.99
Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Bran (1.25lb)  $3.49
Bengal Spice Tea & Lemon Ginger (2 for $5)  $5.00
12 eggs  $0.99
Half & Half (1pt)  $1.69
Frozen cherries (1lb)  $2.99
Frozen peaches (1lb)  $2.99
Macintosh apples (2.96lb)  $2.93
Yellow onion (5lb)  $2.99
Bananas (5.15lb)  $2.01
Kale (1.21lb)  $1.80
1 Red onion  $0.72
Green grapes (2.62lb)  $2.54
sales tax $0.00
Total  58.11


peppers (2lb)  0
tomatoes (3lb)  0
basil (enough for soup)  0
 tomatillos (1lb)  0
sales tax $0.00
Total $0.00

$94.18 + $58.11 = $148.29 (15 days; $4.94 per person, per day)