So this morning I finished slashing & spreading the pattern to approximately fit my body. Now for the “muslin” which I’m hoping will fit well enough to wear.  I chose a nice green & cream gingham from my pattern stash, but decided to cut the bodice (at least) on the bias. Of course, I don’t have that much fabric, so I won’t have enough fabric for the ¾ sleeves, so I’ll probably make little cap sleeves with some scrap. We’ll see.



Below: The bodice is mostly intact, buttonholes sewn (but not ripped).



And I found these really adorable vintage cream buttons in my button stash.  I love having stashes!


I think If this pattern works out nicely (and I think it will), I will do bound buttonholes and welted pockets. That’s thinking kind of far ahead, though. I have a few good hours left of the snow day; maybe I can complete the entire bodice.


——————- update ———————-

This is where I have to leave it for tonight because it’s a school night and this kid’s gotta hit the sack!


And it fits! Now I just have to hope I have enough material to make the skirt.  I’ve stashed a swatch in my purse for Weds; maybe I can drop in to Lorraine’s Fabrics to see if they *might possibly* have more of this fabric, or something close enough to be complementary.  I’ll just remind myself that it’s all part of the process and that I’m just excited enough to have taken a vintage pattern, graded and fit it to my measurements, then actually put it together (thus far). This is satisfactory.