It sounds more revolting than it is.

I bought a lovely pattern book a few days ago. It is filled with beautiful, simple, feminine style. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s Japanese!

Super great, right? Except all the patterns are drawn for Japanese women, which, if you haven’t noticed, don’t typically fall under the same figure-shape as American women.

Not that one is better or worse, but Japanese women tend to be smaller both in stature and in girth of American women. When I looked at the pattern sizing, I thought, “oh, that’s nice. The large is factored to be about our vanity size 10.”

I’m not a size 10, no matter how much vanity is involved. So I get to learn a new skill today: Grading a pattern. 

everyday style jacket

Additionally, I have some beautiful red wool that Justin found at Savers yesterday that I had originally wanted to make the  Coat Dress from Gertie’s book, but was short by about 2 yards.


If all this turns out, then I’ll have a lovely woolen jacket with embroidered details, and possibly a skirt to match it.

 ———- update ———–

the test pattern worked out fairly well. I have a few issues to work out, but for my first grading project, I’m excited. Part of me wants to tear into the wool, and another part of me says “do another test.”

We’ll see which part wins in the morning.