I’m tending some chickens, and I hope to be great.

A little side job came up for a backyard chicken / garden handyperson, and apparently, my boots fit the poops.

Today was my first day, and it was supposed to rain, but never did. It was a bit more tha 50F, which was a welcomed relief to the last few weeks of truly bitter New England bullshit. Justin & I relished in it; rode our bikes all over town; got coffee; browsed the antique shop… all following the adventures in chickenland.

So there are five hens in the brood. I cleaned their roost, raked the pen and filled everything with fresh bedding and hay. I’ll be working on the compost bin that lives inside the outer part of the pen (not where they eat and nest). I’m hoping to foster a good set of bugs & worms for them to scratch and snag. ¬†They seemed to like me all right this morning, and even sort of approached me when I knelt to their level.


This picture (above) isn’t when they were making friends with me; that was earlier. By this point, I had fed them, which meant I had to put them into lockdown, so there was maybe a tiny bit of animosity brewing. I swear, though, like five minutes earlier, they were soooo into me.


And here’s a group shot of the laydeez. ¬† It’s a nice little one-to-two-hours-on-the-weekends-get-outside-kind-of-thing. And if it all works out, I’ll definitely be adding to my resume, “January, 2015: Chicken Tender.”