Justin, reporting in.

Yesterday’s breakfast: Oatmeal with banana.

Yesterday’s lunch: Leftover chickpea “egg” salad wrap with chips.

By mid-afternoon Keri wasn’t feeling well and skipped dinner. I had a repeat of the Garden Wrap for my dinner.

Keri still wasn’t feeling well this morning when we I had our Oatmeal again. For lunch, I had the Banh Mi Chay while Keri slept. Finally, late this afternoon, Keri had some of her appetite back and so I made her a special bowl of Phở Chay just for her. Magic Soup to the rescue!

Magic Soup a.k.a. Phở Chay



The pictures above are actually from the last time we had Phở Chay. The batch I made today was simpler with just onion, garlic, carrot, jalepeno, thai basil, and rice noodle in a vegan Phở broth with a squeeze of fresh lime. You can use as much or as little vegetable as you want so there’s no set recipe for this one. Good additions are baby corn, sugar peas, mushrooms, broccoli, and bok choy. Keri prefers Thai basil but you can also make this with cilantro. Totally up to you.