Previously on The Veganing….

No big surprise: we had the same breakfast today as we did the day before yesterday, except instead of buckwheat, we used potatoes. This version is our standard breakfast burrito, and this raised bar is pretty tough to beat (though the buckwheat comes close).

breakfast burrito 3 breakfast burrito and beans

As our series progresses, I think you’ll notice that we don’t vary a lot on breakfast. It is usually just straight-up breakfast beans; beans & tofu eggs; beans, tofu, and toast; beans, tofu, and potatoes; or beans, tofu, and potatoes wrapped in a tortilla. If not any of these variations on a theme, it’s oatmeal. Pretty much always. Or at least until Green Smoothie season, which isn’t quite yet.

salad and grapefruitLunch was also more of the same: another delicious Bánh Mì Chay sandwich, a much-smaller-salad-than-pictured with that freaking amazing ginger-garlic dressing, and a grapefruit.  Oh, by the way, locals: the “red” grapefruit at the Eastside Market are $1.50 each and THEY ARE SPOT-ON BOMB. No sugar necessary.

For a number of reasons I don’t feel like mentioning at the moment, I found myself pretty hungry by 5pm, and also not-so-by-chance, very near in location to a certain burrito joint that could satisfy most of my earthly desires. Thankfully, Justin had met me on the steps of my workplace, equally hungry. In a rash decision, we decided to eat out.

It’s not always so easy to eat out as a vegan, but we’ve found a few places that work pretty well, namely “build-your-own” places like Mission-style burrito joints. And because Justin & I are becoming “those people” that do everything pretty much the same way, we easily order a vegetarian burrito, “with everything except dairy,” and it works out pretty well.  These aren’t the best burritos to be had in town, but they’re pretty good; certainly, good enough.

Next time, on The Veganing: Spaghetti & Marinara with Devil Breath Garlic Bread.